Let’s face it, in order to drive your company’s commercial success and your marketing career success, you need Top Marketing Talent. We call them Marketing Mavens. These are the marketers that turn business strategy into World-Class products, services and solutions. Without them, you’re lost in the talent woods.

I’m Chris Gustanski, the Founder and Lead Talent Guide at Due North Executive Search. As a classically trained marketer with over 15 years’ experience as a practitioner, I realized 10 years ago that none of the recruiters who called had a clue about marketing roles and they cared even less about my career.

Due North Executive Search is dedicated to bringing to your company the Marketing Mavens that make you and your company a commercial success. We’re not a “body shop” slinging resumes around hoping for a placement. We are Guides leading our clients through the “Talent Forest” to Top Marketing Talent.