Our Story

As the leading Marketing Talent Recruitment firm in Minneapolis, we call ourselves “Talent Guides” because we know that the journey to find that perfect marketer or product manager requires knowledge of the marketing function.

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Hiring Top Talent

More than ever, MedTech and High-Tech leaders need more than just great products and solutions. They need top Marketers and Product Managers to ensure their commercial success.  We are marketing talent recruiters that deliver top talent!

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Tired of marketing executive recruiters that have no idea what you do as a Marketer or Product Management professional? Or recruiters that have zero concern for your interests? As a classically trained marketer who was frequently recruited, I experienced this myself and vowed to make exceptional candidate experience a hallmark of our search firm.

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Guide Posts

Amazing guides do more than just lead, they share knowledge. We love to share our insights as both Marketing Recruiters and Marketers.  This includes talent market data, insights, and other information relevant to MedTech and High-Tech leaders.

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What Sets Us Apart as Marketing and Product Management Recruiters in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Marketing and Product Management Recruiting Expertise

We have a combined 40+ years’ experience in marketing and product management across a variety of industries. Whereas other search firms will use “talk tracks” to pretend to understand marketing, we have been marketing professionals and practitioners providing us with in-depth knowledge of the top marketing talent, function and roles.  As the leading specialized Marketing Recruiters in Minneapolis, Minnesota, we leverage this experience to understand the uniqueness of each role and then to help guide our clients to the Marketing Mavens they need.

Deep Industry Connections

We’re proud to have been sought out by firms ranging from Fortune 500 to Startups seeking Marketing Mavens to advance their businesses. Our knowledge of MedTech and High Technology industries enables us to provide our clients with insights regarding talent market trends, salary surveys and industry insights.

Enhanced Employment Branding

We understand the importance of your employment brand and how a poor recruiter can negatively impact it. As the leading Marketing Executive Recruiters, we will never outsource your role to junior recruiters that will leave top talent uninterested in your role and your company. Having a team of the best marketing recruiters, our goal is to build upon your employment brand with every qualified candidate’s interaction and deliver an organized hiring process.

“The woods are lovely, dark and deep.  But I have promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep.”
Robert Frost