Chris is a classically trained marketer with over a decade of executive search experience. He moved into recruiting because he was someone that was frequently recruited and was tired of recruiters hounding him to consider roles they didn’t understand, and he wasn’t interested in pursuing. He was determined to disrupt Marketing Executive Search to deliver a better result and experience for companies and the Marketing Mavens they need.  After over a decade seeing the dysfunction in executive search firms large and small he formed Due North Executive Search in collaboration with his wife Amie.

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Amie has deep functional expertise across project management, general management, supply chain and operations. She has deep experience both as a consultant and a leader for organizations across manufacturing, retail, financial services and software. Amie is known for her unrivaled ability to organize chaos, ensure successful project completion and wins over everyone in the process.

We call ourselves “Talent Guides” because we know that the journey to find that perfect marketer requires knowledge of the marketing function, industry experience and talent market expertise.