Search Calibration Tool


Chris Gustanski


This simple tool is used to help see beyond the simple job description and understand specific skills, attributes and experiences hiring managers are looking for in their next great hire.  It is intended to both help zero in on these best fit candidates while expanding the potential set of sources for that talent.  By think outside traditional boxes for candidates, hiring managers can often bring really interesting skills and expertise that they may not have otherwise considered.


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Writing Job Descriptions to Attract Marketing Mavens

Chris Gustanski

This article discusses how to rethink your job postings to make them more compelling to marketing mavens. It is a fairly simple tool to get the hiring manager to think about what it is that their customer (in this case a top talent) might find interesting enough to get them engaged in the recruiting process.

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Mid-Level Manager Shortage

Chris Gustanski

Dustin Leszcynski

This article was created in 2014 to illustrate the shortage of Mid-Level management.  This arose from the convergence of demographic factors such as Baby Boomers retiring, trimming of entry level positions during the Great Recession and expansion of demand due non-traditional competitors entering new markets (Such as Google entering MedTech). 

This piece is instructive today as we are likely to experience greater shortages due to the Pandemic Recession, accelerated Baby Boomer retirement and technological advancements which expand opportunity for both companies and workers.

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