Hire Top Product Management Talent


Product Management is both an art and a science.  It is a science to be able to dig through market trends, competitive intelligence, and other data to determine the best product plans and roadmaps.  It is an art to bring all these disparate pieces of information together to build a plan of action and achieve buy-in across your organization.  As you know, a talented product manager can make all the difference for your products and your organization.

Most recruiters have absolutely no idea of the critical role the product management team plays in your organization.  They confuse them either with engineering or marketing communications.  We have been brought into organizations to help them successfully recruit top product managers when other recruiters told the client that there was no such role as a product manager.

We have successfully recruited top product management talent for MedTech, High-Tech, Pharmaceutical, Medical Device, Software, Fin Tech and other related industries in Minnesota as well as across the country for over a decade.  Our clients often come to us after other search firms have failed.  As classically trained marketers, we understand these roles better than any other search firm in the country.

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